STANZ – Purpose – Vision – Values


With an estimated 7,000-8,000 persons in full time employment in the New Zealand turf and amenity industry, STANZ will work with the industry to:

Improve leadership, advocacy, coordination, promotion and development within our overall industry. Provide a link with other turf groups and organisations towards an overarching industry governance. Increase the profile of the turf sector as well as attract new members and participation across New Zealand

Link by association to our Australian neighbours (eg. AGCSA, STA, TGAA) and other industry networks across all states of Australia and potentially the Asia Pacific region. Work in tandem with the governing bodies of sporting organisations such as golf, rugby, cricket, football, hockey and tennis and any other recreational groups utilising parks and recreation assets across NZ.

Build successful relationships across turf and amenity groups by engaging in productive communication towards partnerships with golf course superintendents, bowling greenkeepers, racetrack managers, NZ Recreation Association etc.

Ensure duplication within the industry is minimised and where possible collaborate and form alliances for the mutual benefit of the industry. Work with communities (where appropriate) to build strategic and policy partnerships to support local government executives and politicians. Ensure the correct support mechanisms are recognised and used by government departments in areas pertaining to sports field strategy, planning, execution, construction, management, facility and ground use.

Establish the communication flow across the industry in which to drive projects such as industry training with the New Zealand Sports Turf Industry Training Organisation – coordinate R&D activities and technology / innovation transfer, seminars and conferences to name a few areas of commonality. Establish a stronger financial base in which to operate so that we can sustain the future of the organisation and our industry.

Become advocates for our members – looking to promote and foster the importance of human resources, education and working conditions that reflect the skills required to manage turf and recreation areas.




Activities of the Sports Turf Association of New Zealand Inc will include but not necessarily be limited to:

Strategic planning – clear vision and creating the pathway to step change. Being represented on the NZ Turf Conference Committee and Board. Being represented on the New Zealand Sports Turf Industry Training Organisation. Providing regular communications through newsletters, web sites focusing on events and technical discussion papers on sports field related issues Organising field days and seminars on sports field related subjects. Promoting the sports turf industry as a career option for prospective new employees, driving the goals of the Turf Industry Profiling Group. Promoting or opposing bills, legislation or other measures or by-laws affecting the interests of members. Promoting and driving research and development programs for technology and innovation transfer to industry.

The new executive committee is well balanced – it is made up of representatives from councils, national sports body, training organisations, contractors, trade and private enterprise – this cross section of representation brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organisation.